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Hit over 10K in Photos

April 11th, 2012

Just realized yesterday that I hit just over 10 thousand photos, some family, some perfect images to work with and some so bad they didn't stand a chance to be kept, Now the trick is how to organize that many photos. Its time to go invest in some more SD cards and Flash sticks!

Artwork for a great cause

March 28th, 2012

Growing up I always loved animals, then when my grandfather passed down his 1974 Canon TX I was hooked on photography and I was always excited to see how every picture I took turned out whether it was a roll of B&W or colored and I ran around chasing wildlife to get the perfect shot and the neighbors pets Horses , even tried to capture spider webs and now I have a brand new DSLR and I still LOVE animals so I have decided to turn my passion of Photography in to a way to make money but NOT for me! I am set in my ways as to donating 100% of the 1st 3 sales to help abused and neglected animals and after that a 20 to 30% of every one after that to help animals who are victims of abuse and neglect.